BYOD - Bring Your Own Device

People with Intellectual Disabilities (ID) can be employed in the community, alongside people without disabilities, and earn competitive wages. They have the right to be supported to have the resources to seek, obtain, and be successful in community employment. Being able to create a “catchy" CV, having a concept of firm understanding of time and time management, travelling to and from work independently, are only a few of the needs that people with ID need to cover, concerning employability.

Staff of employment and school-to-work transition programs must also receive training in best practices to help people find and keep jobs.

People without disabilities use mobile technology to become more competent in seeking, obtaining and keeping a job. People with ID should also be entitled to do the same.

Training people with ID in the use of mobile technologies for this scope, and also of their trainers in why and how to use these technologies, is the essential scope of BYOD project.