First meeting for BYOD Erasmus+ programme

On November 28th and 29th 2019, MARGARITA hosted the kick off meeting for the European Erasmus + programme “BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) as an educational method to improve employability of adults with intellectual disabilities" at its premises, in Penteli. In this programme, educators, parents, and volunteers will learn how to support people with intellectual disability in using mobile technology to find and sustain a job. At the same time, people with intellectual disability themselves will be motivated to learn how to use applications in mobile technology devices that they already use in their lives, but they may not realize how these can help them find and maintain one job.

Over 2,5 years, a manual for mobile trainers will be created for trainers, as well as an easy-to-read manual for people with intellectual disability (both in digital form). Webinars will also be held and MOOCS will be created to disseminate knowledge to an even larger population. Finally, there will be training of a number of trainers based on the BYOD method.
During the meeting, the foundations for the creation of the manual for trainers were laid out, taking into consideration the link this must have with the manual for the trainees.

The visitors had the opportunity to visit the workshops of MARGARITA and meet the beneficiaries and the trainers. They were also able to taste the creations of the Catering workshop.

Discussing on the creation of the manual for the trainers.

Brainstorming on suggestions for the logo.

Visiting the Silk Screen Print Workshop and being introduced to various activities, carried out by the beneficiaries and their trainer.

Visiting the workshop that produces gifts made of recycled materials.

One group photo for the partners to remember their first meeting, in Greece.

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