The easy-to-read material is already published

The European Erasmus + Programme “BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) as educational method leading to improve employability of adults with intellectual disability" is moving on. During this period, we are implementing with our partners the realization of the easy-to-read material. This material will be addressing to people with intellectual disabilities and especially those who are interested in being employed in the free labor market or retain their job in it.

Following the publication of the Instructor’s Handbook on the consortium website a few months ago, we recently proceeded to the publication of an easy-to-read Brochure, including instructions for the use of applications in mobile technology devices. We have placed emphasis on applications that can assist people with intellectual disabilities obtaining the skills that will make them more autonomous, to claim for or retain professional employment.

We are also close in completing the (easy-to-understand) videos that will make learning to use these applications for persons with intellectual disabilities even easier.

You can download the Brochure in English, Macedonian, Polish, Spanish, Greek or Turkish language from the Publications section.

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