First webinars in the BYOD project are approaching!

In the BYOD project partners created materials for teachers and students including the handbook for teachers, brochure in easy to read text and set of films.

Worked out results are being tested by teachers and persons with special needs. And when tests of every module are finished, partners would like to transfer knowledge to others, who haven’t much common with the project.

So just now it is time to invite You to the first webinar showing first set of mobile applications which can be useful for a person with intellectual disability who would like to live independly and enter to labour market.
The first webinar in every partners’ country will be conducted in last two weeks of April 2021. Webinar topic “expert in communication online” is very actual and necessary. Every partner organization will conduct two webinars – for teachers and for adults with intellectual disability.

More information – exact dates of events, agenda, link to registration form can be found on the pages in national languages.

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