Every year more and more people rely on mobile devices to meet their needs. That’s way the project  “BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) as educational method leading to improve employability of adults with intellectual disability" is focusing on the need to develop a modern, attractive and “close to life" method of education, using mobile device as educational tool.

BYOD project partners produced package that consist of digital publication written in easy to read and understand text (ETR) and films. These materials are addressing to people with intellectual disabilities, especially those who are interested in being employed in open market or retain job in it.

Films show how to use mobile applications and there are in all partners lanquages (Polish, Spanish, Greek, Macedonian and Turkish) plus English subtitles. 

These films complet handbook and can be used by teachers and by the persons with intellectual disability. Teachers can improve their educational offer and persons with intellectual disability can understand new information’s in a accessible way.

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