The Polish Association for Persons with Intellectual Disability (PSONI) works for the benefit, and on the behalf of persons with intellectual disabilities living in Poland, their parents and legal guardians.

Parents whose children have been diagnosed as persons with learning disabilities, wish to give them a new reality, providing new opportunities. This perspective applies to all; toddlers, teenagers and adults. It is not the parent/carers intention to give them an all-round permanent assistance but rather to provide opportunities that would enable them to develop physically, cognitively and socially, so as to allow them to have an active, autonomous and normal life within the society.

The main aim of Association is to include people with specific needs – people with learning disabilities in real life.

The Association is an established national organization with significant achievements. The main areas of specific expertise are:

  • early intervention
  • youth education and rehabilitation
  • occupational therapy
  • supported employment
  • supported living
  • IT in education and therapy
  • PSONI consists of over 11,000 members,
  • having about 120 local branches.

The Polish Association for Persons with Intellectual Disability

Address: Głogowa 2B, 02-639 Warszawa

Telephone: (022) 848 82 60, 646 03 14

Fax: (022) 848 61 62


The Vocational Training Center MARGARITA is a specialized center for vocational training and employment for people with intellectual disabilities living in the Region of Attica. MARGARITA was founded in 1979 by Ioanna Tsokopoulou, mother of Leonidas, a child with Down syndrome. MARGARITA’s mission is to improve the lives of people with mild and medium intellectual disabilities (PwID) by increasing their inclusion in the society through their employment. Our services are based on the anthropocentric social model, where our professionals, the service users and their families cooperate on the design of an individualized plan related to their needs. Our personnel consist of 35 people with multidisciplinary background on the social services, special education & psychology. We train 100 students in vocational and everyday skills and offer social services, supported employment services & psychological support.

MARGARITA as an educational entity focusing on intellectual disabilities has a curriculum that promotes the autonomy of its beneficiaries, their inclusion by investigating and creating ways of accessibility in the society. A large part of the population of the beneficiaries in MARGARITA is adults and a significant proportion of them have been integrated in the employment market as workers.

At this moment we run a pilot project for a model of social entrepreneurship in the field of Catering that we have developed and we hope soon enough it will be launched in the open market. Also, MARGARITA, runs a shop, called Gallery13m2, in which people with intellectual disabilities are getting trained in real working conditions.


Our city is named Sanlıurfa and established in North Mesopotamia, Turkey.  Harran University established in 1976 as an affiliate of Dicle University, “Şanlıurfa Vocational College” was the first higher education unit in Şanlıurfa.  Then, in 1978, Faculty of Agriculture and in 1984, Department of Civil Engineering, both affiliates of Dicle University and in 1988, Faculty of Theology, an affiliate of Gaziantep University, were established. The Rectorate of Harran University was founded in accordance with the law numbered 3837 and dated 03.07.1992, which was published in the Official Gazette dated 11.07.1992 and numbered 21281. These units were connected to Harran University in accordance with the law numbered 3837 and dated 03.07.1992. In addition, Faculty of Education were founded in 2007. The main aim of the faculty is to train qualified teachers and trainers for each stage of formal education.

Our faculty serve with 7 departments in 2019-2020 education year. These;
Department of Educational Sciences
Department of Fine Arts Education
Department of Basic Education
Department of Mathematics and Science Education
Special Education Department
Turkish and Social Sciences Education Department
Foreign Language Education.

We have 1040 students in Education Faculty. These students are candidate teachers. We are training school teachers, parents and school managers via in-service training courses. Our main activity is to improve education and help teacher and manager training and adult education. Also we have a mixed curriculum for teachers. With this curriculum we are training our teachers about special education. Our special education programs include mentally disabled, physically disabled and autistic program. In our faculty, there are 2 Professor Dr., 10 Associate Professor, 22 Assistant Professor and 9 Research Assistant.

Association for Activism, Education, Culture and Art Civil Center “AktivUm" Kumanovo is a voluntary, non-profit, non-governmental and non-partisan civic association established with the free association of citizens. Our mission is to promote and strengthen civic society and local communities by enhancing informal direct and indirect education of the population, encouraging civic participation and activism, promoting non-discrimination and empowering vulnerable community members, enhancing inter-ethnic and cultural development, inter-ethnic and cultural relations, as well as economic and cultural and artistic development.

Goals, tasks and activities of the association:

Promotion and affirmation of all aspects of the cultural life of the local population in order to improve the quality of life and motivate them to participate in socially responsible decision-making;
Supporting and strengthening of youth activism and volunteering in the local community;
3.Promoting and protecting human rights of all marginalized categories of citizens and empowering vulnerable community members, with a particular focus on people with physical and mental disabilities;

Networking and cooperation within the community itself and with other local communities in order to exchange experiences and good practices in addressing local and universal needs of all categories of citizens within the local community;

Association for Activism, Education, Culture and Art Civil Center “AktivUm” (NGO)

Web site:



Telephone: +38975253571

Fundació Espurna was established in 1996 in order to achieve the socio-labor integration of people with intellectual disabilities.
Our main purpose is to provide People with Intellectual Disability a personal, social and labor training that favors their full integration.

We were born as a simple and small Employment Center, and the reality of our new “customers" made us forge a more open Entity, courageous and focused on the “capabilities" of our people, then addressing Training Programs that will push more easily to employment. Later, we created the Occupational Center to increase their opportunities of employment Employment (protected or ordinary).

We also created Sheltered Homes, where today around 100 people live together, and a Day Center for People with extensive or generalized needs, with the aim of improving our attention with ratios and programs more in line with their capabilities. We work early attention in our DignaVall center collaborating with families and schools.
And one of our main tools is inclusive sport and leisure free time activities.

Fundació Espurna

Address: C/ Pellers nº81 , 46702 Gandía (Valencia)